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Do Not Solicit List

  1. Do Not Solicit List Sign Up Form:
    Please add Me to the Do Not Solicit List. I am a resident of Kennett Township, Chester County, PA, I am authorized to add this address to the do not solicit list by all occupants of the residence, requests that no Solicitors or Peddlers enter the referenced property or otherwise attempt to solicit, peddle, or distribute thereon. *Please note, this list does not include non-profit, religious, political solicitations or other exempt entity. To help ensure you do not get solicitations, please consider adding a "no solicitation sign to the entrance of your driveway and door". If you do get solicitors, please call the Police right away. Gather as much information as you can including description, license plate info etc. To have your address removed from the Do Not Solict list and allow solicitation, please email Any questions should be directed to the Kennett Township Police Department at 610-388-2874. Please allow thirty days for your address to be placed on the list. If you have any issues with solicitors, please call 911 immediately.
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