Do I need to register my pets?
Dogs require licenses and regular vaccinations. Dog license applications are available by calling the Chester County Treasurer’s o?ce at (610) 344-6370. We also actively encourage dog and cat owners to consider a microchip for their pet, making it easier to return a pet to you in the unlikely event that it gets out of your property boundaries. If you do ?nd a dog running free or a lost pet, The Chester County SPCA is the enforcement agency for the Township and can be called at (610) 692-6113.
Photo Courtesy of Jaan Lutter, 2015
Kennett Township does have a dog ordinance which can be found on its website (Sec. 110). In summary, the ordinance requires that in parks, athletic ?elds and public events within the township, dogs are expected to be on a leash and under control of the owner or handler. The owner or handler of the dog must diligently supervise the dog, and be responsible for the immediate removal of any fecal matter, disposing of same in a safe and sanitary manner. Violations may result in the imposition of a ?ne between $100 and $500.

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2. Do I need to register my pets?