Stormwater Basin Resources

Being able to add plantings in stormwater basins really depends on what type of basin, location within the basin, and what’s being proposed. For example:  Wet ponds have different planting considerations than dry ones. Areas that are inundated frequently are planted differently than those that are generally dry except in major events. Plants or shrubs could be allowed in certain situations but tress would not. A general rule of thumb is nothing that could affect the structural integrity of the embankment should be planted on the embankment.

Below are sections from the Pennsylvania BMP manual for wet and dry ponds with relevant sections highlighted along with Appendix B which is a guideline for using native plants to help you.  If you have questions or would like guidance, please reach out to the Township office.

Helpful reading from the Pennsylvania BMP Manual for Wet and Dry Ponds:

Pennsylvania Storm Water Best Practices Manual 

Helpful sections:

6.7.1 Riparian Buffer Restoration

6.7.2 Landscape Restoration