Livable Lawns Kennett

Livable Lawns Kennett is a program in conjunction with "Delaware Livable Lawns".

Plants for a Livable Delaware Series – This series of brochures were developed by The University of Delaware extension service and "Livable Lawns Delaware" to educate Delawareans about the problem of invasive plants in the landscape.  The ecology of Kennett Township is very similar to northern Delaware so these brochures provide valuable information and suggestion for Township residents.  Plants on the Delaware Invasive Species List that are still bought and sold in the nursery and landscape industry are highlighted in “Plants for a Livable Delaware” and at least 10 alternative plants are suggested to replace the popular invasive plant found in many home landscapes.  Control recommendations for removing troublesome invasive plants are covered in “Controlling Backyard Invaders.”  In “Livable Plants for the Home Landscape,” plant combinations are suggested that fill specific landscape niches, such as forest edges, sunny slopes and small garden spaces.  Finally, “Livable Ecosystems: A Model for Suburbia” shows how to plant and manage rain gardens, meadows, forests and other landscape plantings that provide valuable ecosystem services.

Plants for a Livable Delaware (& Kennett)

Controlling Backyard Invaders

Livable Plants for the Home Landscape

Livable Ecosystems:  A Model for Suburbia

Livable Lawns:  Managing a Healthy Lawn

For additional information and resources provided The University of Delaware extension service and "Livable Lawns Delaware", click here! and for the Delaware Livable Lawns website, click here!