Emergency Management


If you would like to be notified on your cell or email of local alerts about emergencies, severe weather, and road closures go to www.readychesco.org and click on Enroll Today. 

Natural Disaster Emergencies

The best defense against natural emergencies is for each individual to be as prepared as possible. The problems we expect from natural disasters include:

•Power failures, possibly for extended periods
•Road closures
•Limited availability of food, medicine, or supplies 
•Possible loss of natural gas, unavailability of heating oil 

Every household should be prepared to get through at least 3 to 4 days without power, heat and water, and without access to stores. Useful information about being prepared can be found by going to the Crisis-Related Agencies website listed below. Don’t forget about medication you might require, or the needs of your pets.

Most important is to be prepared and be patient. If you have a life-threatening problem, call 911 immediately, not Kennett Township.

Information about Pennsylvania Emergency Preparedness can be obtained at: http://www.pema.pa.gov/planningandpreparedness/Pages/default.aspx#.WL7y49fyvIU

Residents are encouraged to contact county/state/and federal emergency management agencies for additional information: 
Chester County Department of Emergency Services
 Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) 
 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) 

Additional Resources:


Create your family Emergency Plan 

Pennsylvania has established a 24/7 Rumor Control Hotline (1-800-932-0784), ready to answer your questions.

Tips or information about suspicious activity of a potentially terrorist nature should be referred to either local law enforcement or the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State Police Tip Line 1-888-292-1919. Information on PA Homeland Security can be found here: 
 Homeland Security
Other Crisis-Related Agencies: 
American Red Cross (National) 
American Red Cross (Disaster Services) 
American Red Cross (Blood Donations)