Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe

Row of Houses

Home Safety Tips

  • Lock your doors even if you are only running out to do a short errand
  • Make sure your doors have a deadbolt
  • Keep your garage doors closed even if you are at home
  • Keep your windows locked, or have the safety latches engaged
  • Do not place a note on your door informing someone you are away
  • Make sure your home has sufficient exterior lighting for nighttime hours
  • Install motion sensitive lighting
  • Keep your house address numbers visible for emergency responders
  • Keep ladders in your garage, or locked tool shed so they are not accessible to a burglar
  • Invest in an alarm system
  • If a new appliance was purchased, such as a new television or home theater system, avoid placing the empty box outside where it is visible to others
  • While vacationing, ask a trusted neighbor or family member to watch your home and pick up mail or newspapers