Trails & Sidewalk Committee

Public Meetings

  • 1 p.m.
  • 1st Tuesday of each month
  • The meetings are hybrid; in-person at the Township in the Public Meeting Room and virtual via Zoom. Check the Township Calendar and Agenda Center for the Zoom link.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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Rudy Karkosak, Chair (12/31/26) Planning Commission (Township Resident)
Abbie Kessler, Secretary (12/31/27) Land Conservancy member
Tom Janton, (12/31/25) Kennett Trails Alliance Representative (Township Resident)
Diane McGovern, (12/31/25) Historical Commission (Township Resident)
Christina Norland, (12/31/24)  Kennett Trails Alliance Member
Tim Plemmons (12/31/24) Township Resident

Mission & Goals

Our mission is to connect the residents of Kennett Township to our natural beauty and to each other through sidewalks and trails that promote health, safety and a sense of community. We are developing and promoting a trail and sidewalk plan to create a network which links major open spaces, parks, public facilities, and neighborhoods in the Township and beyond.

Our goal is to provide increased walkability and recreational opportunities throughout the Township, via sidewalks and trails.

Understanding that trail development can be a lengthy and complicated process, we coordinate with township officials and private organizations to promote a regional approach to trails and sidewalks.

Kennett Greenway

This 10-12 mile Greenway backbone is planned to connect Kennett area residents and visitors to the area’s major nature preserves and parks, and to the many amenities of highly walkable Historic Kennett Square. The Greenway will also connect to existing and planned neighborhood trail systems in Kennett Township, and nearby trails in New Garden Township, New Castle County, DE and beyond. Portions of the corridor are completed, but large sections are awaiting easement decisions and construction planning.

Goals for Sidewalks

Our long-range goal is to connect Kennett Township population centers to the Borough via sidewalks. Walking on a safe, connected network of sidewalks to restaurants, shopping, schools, athletic fields, etc. enhances the quality of life for everyone.

Why Establish Trails & Sidewalks?

Trails and sidewalks positively impact communities by providing not only recreation and transportation opportunities, but also by influencing economic and community development.


Some of the many benefits include:

  • Making communities better places to live by preserving and creating open spaces
  • Linking neighborhoods with shopping, work and school
  • Encouraging physical fitness and healthy lifestyles
  • Functioning as a buffer between the ‘built’ and the natural environment
  • Providing enjoyable and safe options to car travel, thus reducing air pollution
  • Enhancing the value of open space to the public by providing access
  • Increasing the property values of homes located in close proximity to trails
  • Providing a sense of place and community pride by integrating trail and sidewalk networks into the community.

Communities where people can safely walk or bike to a park, school, shopping or a neighbor’s home are generally considered great places to live. We’ll see you on the trails. View photos of our trails.

For the most current Ordinance governing this Committee, click HERE.

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