2008 Trains & Trolleys

The May 22, 2008 program featuring the history of the trains and trolleys in Kennett Township was a great success with an overflow crowd of more than 75. Supervisor Bob Hammaker, dressed as a train conductor, welcomed "All Aboard," while Program Chair Mary Keyser blew the whistle to introduce the speakers. A number of Historical Commission members wore railroad caps and one of the presenters, Jay Roland Minshall, dressed as a trainman in overalls, red neckerchief, and cap.

Sara Hannum Meadows arranged beautiful bouquets of deep red peonies around the meeting room. Marion Guthrie and Sara displayed memorabilia of the bygone era, including the original Rosedale station sign, and Mary Keyser exhibited three paintings of former train stations. Staff members Cathy Rowe and Elaine Fling made sure the refreshment table abounded with fresh fruit, cookies, and punch. A number of railroad afficionados were in the audience.

Three Speakers Were Featured:
  • David Shepherd, author of The Kennett Township Railroad Story, gave a slide overview of the development of the railroad and trolleys in the area
  • Richard Hall, a well-known railroad and trolley historian, offered anecdotes about the P&BCR line, including details of the 1885 train robbery between Oxford and Kennett.
  • Jay Roland Minshall, KTHC member, relived personal experiences of riding the train to Philadelphia as a Drexel University student in the 1930s.