Peddling / Soliciting

The Townships Peddling/Solicitation Ordinance can be found by clicking here!

No Soliciting List!
Residents who wish to be added to the Townships "DO NOT SOLICIT" list that is given permitted solicitors can sign up to be put on the list by CLICKING HERE!  Please allow 30 days for the list to be revised.

No Soliciting Sign

Residents are permitted to place signs at the entrance to their properties either at the driveway or on the mailboxes stating no soliciting. Anyone violating this and entering a property that is labeled no soliciting will be charged with trespassing. If a solicitor enters a property labeled no soliciting the resident must ask for their badge id and report it to the Police. If you live on a private road you can put a no soliciting sign at the entrance to the private road/development. Developments on public roads cannot put a no soliciting sign at the entrance; it will not be enforceable; you must place the sign at each residence.

If the solicitor is not licensed or is otherwise abusing the Soliciting Ordinance, call 911.

Below are a list of Active Solicitation permits:

Renewal by Anderson  - Permit good through December 1, 2023

  • Armand Chambers
  • Will Brock 
  • Steve Swartz
  • Brandon Moyer
  • Dareic Lockman