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Kennett Township Zoning Ordinance Municipal Planning Code Public Review

Kennett Township is pleased to introduce the proposed updated Kennett Township Zoning Code which is currently under review by the Chester County Planning Commission. The completion of this Code update encompasses 5 years’ worth of work between the members of the Zoning Task Force, the Township Supervisors, Consultants, Staff, and County Planning officials.

The current Zoning Code was last updated 15 years ago. The Task Force was charged with cleaning up some internal inconsistencies, ensuring compatibility with other Codes, and providing for new and changing uses.

The updates as proposed are in line with the recently updated Comprehensive Plan, which was a requirement of the Board of Supervisors, in that it continues to promote our agricultural and historic uses while preserve our open space. The updates also encourage the support of our tax rateables through Industrial/Commercial uses, which offset residential fees. This is supported by the subsequent Economic Development Study. Finally, the updates are also in keeping with Chester County’s Landscapes III which is a guide for growth and rural protection.

The update has now reached its conclusion and several public meetings have been conducted to inform the public and address questions in the later months. Below is the new Zoning map (2023) along with text Articles 1 - 25 followed by the updated maps. There is no Article 15.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Diane Hicks, Director of Planning and Zoning.

Zoning Map 2023 Adopted

Kennett Township Zoning Code Adopted February 2023 

Planning & Zoning

Diane Hicks is the Director of Planning & Zoning. She is responsible to make sure all Zoning Ordinances and Codes are properly followed and enforced. Diane works with the Zoning Hearing Board to coordinate Zoning Hearings.


Building Codes Official - Rich O’Brien, Keystone Municipal Services inc is the Township Building Codes Official. He is responsible for reviewing building permits, building plans, enforcing building codes of the Township and codes. The Township uses the 2015 International Building Code unless otherwise noted by Ordinance.

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