Finance & HR


  • View the 2022 Budget that was adopted on December 28, 2021 HERE.
  • The 2022 Budget was developed after a series of public meetings. View all of those Budget Development Documents below.
  • View all previous budgets HERE.

2022 Budget Process


Starting in May of 2020, the Finance Department has published a Bill Voucher (AKA Check Register) every two weeks for every Board of Supervisors Meeting. You will see the revenue, expenses, and fund transfer amounts and details. View all Bill Vouchers HERE.


For the monthly Finance & HR Department Head Reports that feature detailed financial information, click HERE.


  • The 2020 Annual Audit and Financial Report is complete and available HERE
  • To see the March 16, 2022 Board Presentation on the 2020 Audit, click HERE.
  • View all past Audits HERE.
  • View all Auditor General State Audits (which may not be performed every year) HERE.


View information about school, county tax, local real estate tax, and earned income tax HERE.


Find out what you are required to turn in for registration and the 3 districts with pump stations HERE.


For a list of current open positions at Kennett Township, visit HERE.

  1. Amy Heinrich

    Director of Finance & HR
    Phone: 610-388-1300 ext. 114

  2. Dina McIlvaine

    Finance & HR Specialist
    Phone: 610-388-1300 ext. 111

  3. Denise Serino

    Finance & Procurement Spec., Recycling Coordinator
    Phone: 610-388-1300 ext. 115

  4. Jasmin Lopez

    Accounting Assistant
    Phone: 610-388-1300 ext. 116